Rafting Fethiye

Rafting Fethiye Dalaman

380 TL/minimum
16 km. All Day 1+ Person

Action & Adventure

Our Rafting Dalaman tour from Fethiye continues at affordable prices. Come and join this action packed rafting event. Unlike 8 km instead of 16 km. There are rafting and adventure along. Moreover, we eat watermelons in a paradise.

With excitement, we will have great views with our maximum opened mind. First stop camping area. After breakfast here, we are going to the river where we will rafting with our rafting equipment. Breakfast and lunch are included.

Gorgeous View

Don't leave safety when watching the landscape 🙂

Enjoy Nature

Apart from the rafting moment, you will be in very beautiful village environments.

Free Transfer

We pick you up from your hotel and leave you back.

Amazing River Adventure

You will forget your diaries for a day!

Activity Program

Breakfast, lunch at the campsite. Icy watermelon on the river. 16km. Rafting part can not be told.

1 Taking you from otel

We take you from the hotel or meeting point early in the morning

2 Breakfast in the campsite

First stop is the camping place. After breakfast, we have the river equipment. We’re moving to the river.

3 Briefing and RAFTING!

Our licensed, experienced and sympathetic teachers are briefing. Rafting begins! You will rafting for 16 km and 3 hours.

4 Yemek, Resim-Video ve Dönüş

Watching pictures and videos while eating. Back to the hotel. Unfortunately. 🙁

Does it look fun? Get your ticket.

Calendar: Rafting Fethiye

September 2021

Book your place

After you pay the ticket, you will be confirmed by us and you will receive an email.

“Amazing trip; Great whitewater, food, and awesome guides. We had an amazing trip. Big group, but easily accommodated. The food was amazing, the weather was perfect, and the rafting was fun”
Doug Martin

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