Combat Jet Flight

2199 EUR/person
+20 min. Max. 110 kg. Schengen

High Adrenaline

The jet fighter air base in Riga Latvia is the perfect place for individual customers and group flight. You must book this jet for 1 month in advance. It is also a convenient tour to come with your friends and family. The price of a military jet plane tour in Riga is the most suitable for its peers.

The Aero L-39 Albatros fighter jet provides an excellent viewing angle thanks to a higher rear seat. Since it is also a light ground attack aircraft, it is soft to use and easy to fly. This is important because you will receive the control. Of course, you can control your fighter plane yourself!

Breathtaking Activity

The L-39 Albatross in Riga offers breathtaking maneuvers and acrobatics at high speeds. These adrenaline-filled maneuvers will be tailored to suit your preferences.

Video Shooting

Cockpit video shooting is not included in the price. You can purchase as an option.

Free Transfer

We're picking you up from your hotel. After activity, we will drop off again.

Featured Maneuver and Aerobatics

Looping Immelman Rolls Split-S Vertical diving and climbing Tail-Chase High-speed low-level flying Control of the jet by the customer

How we do it

If you don't have your request, we will process your schengen visa. You will need to pay an extra 140 Euros for the visa. These operations must be completed 1 month in advance. Your passport still needs to be at least 1 year in position.

1 Journey after Transactions

You must be at Istanbul Airport at least 2 hours prior to your flight with Turkish Airlines to Riga. According to the period of the tour extra guiding person can come with you as included in the price. The flight will take 3 hours.

2 Arrival in Riga

You will be met at the Riga airport and left to your hotel. That day you will have time to rest and get to know the environment.

3 Action Day

You are picked up from the hotel at a pre-determined time. The activity begins for about 3 hours. The necessary health test is performed and then you will receive a briefing from your pilot. And the action of the kind of life that cannot be told begins.

4 Landing and after

You will be left to your hotel or enjoy the atmosphere after the Battle Jet landing. If you want to get a little cultural trip, you can extend this tour by paying extra hotel fee and turn it into a Baltic sightseeing tour.

Isn't it fun? Buy your ticket now!

Combat Jet Flight

May 2022
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Book your place

Find a day on the calendar. Once the deposit has been paid, your reservation is confirmed by us. Have fun already.

We booked a formation flight in Riga for our team event this year. Words can't describe this. You fly 4m from one another, in formation, at very high speed! All kind of insane aerobatic maneuvres. Crazy... In the end you split off and you can also control the L-39 yourself. What an aircraft. Thanks to MiGFlug and the whole team in Riga!
Markus Hasse

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Combat Jet Latvia

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You won't be the same person after the flight is over!

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