Paragliding Beginner Course –  Open Sky Pilot

eagle on the groundThis course is the first stage of paragliding. The student pilot learns how to control the wing by doing groundwork and experiences solo flight. 8 of 10 flights in total are under the supervision of his teacher.   and does it in radio control.

At the end of the course  P1 (Thk) or OPEN SKY (Appi), Adventure Pilot if flying in altitude  may be entitled to receive certification.

Club Pilot – Intermediate level – Appi Pilot

eagle at low altitudeThey are people who have reached the level of being an independent pilot.

Can fly completely unaided. Analyze different weather conditions. Can sail flights.

Can get P3, P4 or Appi Pilot certification


Experienced Pilot – Advanced level – Advanced pilot

this is the eagle blue skyIt can make navigational (navigation) flights, thermal and distance flights. It draws its own way. He can participate in competitions as an aerobatic or a distance pilot, or he is a good tandem pilot and has reached the point of choice where he can do this as a profession by flying commercial tandem flights.

Can get P5 or Advanced Pilot certification.