The price of paragliding in Ölüdeniz Fethiye in 2019 will be 500 TL for Babadağ tandem flights. However, these prices may increase or decrease during the season. Tourism has gone bad in 2016 season, resulting in a decrease in prices.

Since the 2017 summer season would be better, paragliding flight prices would generally be priced at 250 TL. As expected, sold between 250 TL and 320 TL. The price of photos and videos was between 100 TL and 130 TL. In 2019 the price of the paragliding photo video will be 150 tl. If you want to make flights and photo videos, you should pay at least 650 TL as a fee.

Course and training prices for paragliding vary from 1000 TL to 4000 TL. Meetings, start-up courses, experienced pilot trainings are different stages and prices vary. It is very important that you take the paragliding course from qualified people who are qualified to be instructors.

Purchase of materials can be a nightmare for pilots. There are many reasons. We have established the Paragliding Marketplace Web site, believing that we can solve this problem. It will prove itself over time.

To be informed about material prices, click here.
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