Paragliding Babadag Oludeniz



Fethiye Ölüdeniz Babadağ Paragliding Activity has become very practical for us. Of course, experience and professionalization have a great contribution in this. It continues to keep its excitement for our valued guests. Check out the tour schedule below. You will find that it is easy.

Tour Program

1. Meeting at the Office

We meet at our Office in Ölüdeniz at the agreed time. You can also come with our free transfer.

2. Journey to the Top

The journey begins to the mountain top, takes about 25 minutes. You can ask questions to pilots.

3. Briefing

Your pilot gives you a briefing on what to do right now.

4. Departure
It usually takes a few steps to take off by running a run as described in the briefing.
5. Flight
Inexplicable to live!
6. Landing
Photos and videos are watched after a soft landing. If you like it, you can get it from your pilot.
Haven't bought your ticket yet?

Free Transfer

We can pick you up from all hotels in Fethiye and drop you off.

Your belongings

We can protect your belongings in our office. Maybe you brought swimwear and suntan oil to swim after the flight.

With Your Own Vehicle

If you come with your own car, there is a paid parking lot 20 meters away from our office. There may also be an empty place in our park.