Fethiye Paragliding Oludeniz prices 2021

Fethiye Paragliding Tandem Flight

Fethiye Paragliding is an amazing Ölüdeniz Babadağ activity. It is the most practical way to fly. Our age limit is +4 and there is no upper limit. Flight time: 30 minutes in average and normal conditions. No experience is needed. All you have to do is run a few steps. Paragliding in Fethiye Ölüdeniz is an indescribable experience. Let's try to answer the question of how to paraglide in Fethiye.

Curious about Fethiye Paragliding

How much does Fethiye Paragliding cost?

How much does it cost to jump from Babadag? Let’s try to answer questions such as is it expensive with up-to-date information. The average price in 2021 to make a tandem in Fethiye was 110 $. The price of the photos and videos was sold for 30 $. For general information, you can read our articles and see them on the ticket page .

We can say that by including our 20 years of experience and teaching history in this regard; There is no danger as long as you make it safe . Apart from our discourses, you can also examine statistical articles.

Compared to tandem, solo pilots tend to perform some unnecessary (exceeding their own bar) acrobatic moves during individual flights that maximize the risk of accidents.

You are the risk yourself. 90% of the accidents, which are already rare but mediatic, happen on take-offs. For your master pilot in Ölüdeniz, these processes are no different than driving a vehicle. It will be enough to strictly follow the departure briefing.

Flight time is approximately 30 minutes. It will be appropriate if you act as if you will spare 2 hours for the total duration of the tour.

The duration of the flight may decrease by 5 minutes or increase to 45 minutes. After all, this time can be shortened as there is air activity and guests sometimes want to do aerobatics. If the weather is unstable, that is, thermic, the time may be longer.

  • Lower age limit 4.
  • There is no upper age limit. You just have to be healthy.
  • The maximum weight limit is 100 kg.
  • The minimum weight limit is 20 kg.

Curious about Scuba Diving

You do not need to know swimming in this dive, which you will do with an instructor. Before diving and diving, it is necessary to be comfortable and not panic. Even when you meet our expert trainer, these situations will disappear.

  • Oludeniz half-day diving 280 ₺
  • Fethiye full day 2 dives and boat tour 300 ₺

It is enough to allocate 2 hours for the activity in Ölüdeniz. There is also time for other activities on the same day.

For full-day diving, we have a tour from Fethiye including lunch. You do 2 dives.

Each dive lasts between 15 and 20 minutes.

It is made up to 4 to 8 meters. If you are an advanced diver, it is possible to talk to the instructor and dive deeper.

The lower age limit is 12. Those under the age of 18 require parental consent.

Paragliding Course

Paragliding training and courses, paramotor training is something that anyone who is willing, determined and healthy can achieve. At the end of these courses, the individual reaches many awards.

Jet Flights

Do you want to be a fighter jet pilot for 1 day? This amazing activity has the craziest maneuvers, diving and climbing. You'll have the remote for a while.

Sky Dive

From this training package, you gain the basic skills you need such as jumping on your own, landing at the desired target, controlling your body in the air, and if you are successful, you are entitled to receive an A license.

Fethiye Paragliding Prices & Fees

While the search for the best company is understandable, the price criterion should not be a priority. It is a must that it is inspected by Civil Aviation or THK (Turkish Aeronautical Association), a ministry-approved company, and a travel agency entitled to a sports activity certificate. All these conditions are in Fethiye Ölüdeniz Muğla flights. If a competent and not crowded pilot environment is added to the top, an excellent service will result.

Apart from Fethiye, there are also companies working in this way in Tekirdağ, Kaş, Alanya and Sakarya. Apart from this, it is necessary to avoid getting any service.

After all these are given priority, it is the most natural right of everyone to do price research and paragliding at an affordable price. Here we are talking about single flight prices. Since 2010, these prices have fluctuated between 70 $ and 110 $. You can find it updated on our website.

Material prices are around 30000 TL. We give these figures as an idea only. 2. It is also possible to find a good material for 15000 TL.

New and 2. For hand equipment prices, prices of tandem paragliding flights, paragliding training and course prices, please contact switch.

  1. and 2. For manual material exchange: yamacparasutu.com.tr

we recommend.

Flight Zones

Fethiye Paragliding

The pearl of Muğla is a region. Babadag height is 2000 meters.

B abadag is like a mountain created for paragliding. Altitude, airworthiness, and that breathtaking landscape attract pilots from all over the world. In the summer season alone, corporate flights and solo flights exceed 100,000 in total.


Istanbul is not a region with a runway. The fact that Tekirdağ has a sea view and a fun beach has led to flights especially on weekends. The hill in Sakarya Serdivan is suitable for long flights due to the high quality of the wind.

Other regions

Places such as Erzincan, Alanya, Milas-Ören, Kaş or Kayseri Ali Mountain are also very valuable regions that give their right to paragliding.

T Icari flights reveal a large number of flights in places where tourists are abundant. It is also very visible in the media. We usually write our articles for the first time and for those who will do the tandem.

What else do we do?

It serves many activities as a region. However, besides being at high altitude in the summer heat, there are other ways to cool off and experience the action. Scuba diving and rafting are of course some of the best.

Scuba Diving

Besides the suitable water temperature, you can enjoy the marine life. It is perfect for beginners as it offers simple and calm diving.


Dalaman Stream invites you to have fun with its white sparkling waters and its magnificent valley located in pine forests. Your activity will start with pick-up from your Hotel. When you arrive at the rafting camp, you will enjoy a village breakfast.

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Among our tens of thousands of happy guests, we would like to thank all the adventurers who also thought of commenting.

Eslem ezra nur Dölek
Eslem ezra nur Dölek
Mükemmel bir deneyimdi.Pilotlar çok deneyimli ve profesyonel.Harika bir uçuştu herkese tavsiye ederim:)
Света Сытник
Света Сытник
We had safe and pleasant experience, with beautiful photos. I can recommend this guys!
Öykü Gündüz
Öykü Gündüz
Bize bu deneyimimizde Mehmet Ali bey ve Burak bey eşlik etti. İlgilerinden ve profesyonelliklerinden çok memnun kaldık. Tüm sorularımızı en iyi şekilde yanıtladılar. Çok teşekkür ederiz.☺️
Nurgül Kaplan
Nurgül Kaplan
Fethiye’ye yolunuz düşerse kesinlikle paraşüt yapmadan dönmeyin . Özellikle bu ekiple 🙂 hem çok eğlenceliler, sohbetleri güzel , hem profesyoneller. Paraşüt düşünüyorsanız başka yerlere bakmayın derim. Pişman olmazsınız 🙂
Hagar Haggag
Hagar Haggag
Such a wonderful experience! Pilot Hatice was so nice and comforting :’)
sercan küçükkaya
sercan küçükkaya
Ilgi ve alakalarinizdan, guven vermenizden, memnun etme cabanizdan dolayi tesekkurlerimi bir borc bilirim.
Ahmad Afifi
Ahmad Afifi
Its so amazing Pilots are very professional and have a good spirit They take great photos in air and videos as well They also play music if you want Ask them to go up on the mountain with the cable car .. it charges extra but great experience Overall amazing would recommend
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