Paragliding Fethiye Oludeniz prices 2021

  • Paragliding Fethiye

    Join the amazing Paragliding Activity in Fethiye Ölüdeniz !!

  • Spectacular Rafting!

    This Adventure is Great!

  • Scuba Diving

    There is no gravity here!

750 tl/per person
1960 meters 30 minutes 90 kg. max. 4/65 Age

Reservation Calendar

September 2021

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You can buy your ticket from the calendar. Your ticket is approved immediately for purchases, including installments up to 12 months, by credit card, and after the remittance fee is deposited for purchases by money order. There is a full refund guarantee 2 days before the activity. It is possible to change the date with the last 1 day. We wish you lots of fun already!Note: You can purchase your photo & video from your pilot after landing. The fee is 200-250 TL.


Tandem Paragliding is the most practical way to fly. There is no need for experience. All you have to do is run a few steps. Paragliding in Fethiye Ölüdeniz is an unexplainable experience.


Paragliding training and courses, paramotor training is something that anyone willing, determined and healthy can achieve. At the end of these courses, the individual receives many awards.

Fighter Jet Flights

Would you like to be a fighter jet pilot for 1 day? This amazing activity includes the craziest maneuvers, diving and climbing. The control will be in your possession for a while.

Sky Dive

From this training package, you gain the basic skills you need such as jumping on your own, landing on the desired target, controlling your body in the air, and if you are successful, you will be entitled to receive an A license.

Paragliding prices

While paragliding price criterion should not take priority. It is required to be inspected by THK (Turkish aviation institution), to be a ministry approved company, to be a travel agency entitled to a sporting activity certificate. All these conditions Fethiye Oludeniz It is available on paragliding flights in Muğla. If a competent and not crowded pilot environment is added to the top, an excellent service will result.

Apart from Fethiye, there are also companies working in this way in Tekirdağ, Kaş, Alanya and Sakarya. Apart from this, it is necessary to avoid getting any service.

After all these are given priority, it is the most natural right of everyone to do price research and paragliding at an affordable price. Here we are talking about single flight prices. Since 2010, these prices have fluctuated between 100 TL and 300 TL, usually 180 – 240 TL.

Paragliding material prices is around 8000 TL. We give these figures as an idea only. 2. It is also possible to find a good material for 5000 TL.

New and 2. For hand equipment prices, prices of tandem paragliding flights, paragliding training and course prices, please contact switch.

1st and 2nd For manual material exchange:

Flight Zones
Fethiye paragliding

Paragliding is something else in Fethiye Ölüdeniz Muğla.

B abadag is like a mountain created for paragliding. Altitude, airworthiness, and that breathtaking landscape attract pilots from all over the world. Fethiye is almost a paragliding paradise. In the summer season alone, corporate flights and solo flights exceed 100,000 in total.

Istanbul paragliding

In Tekirdağ, the flying and entertaining beach in the sea view caused flights especially on weekends. However, we expect you to take off on weekdays. The hill in Sakarya Serdivan is suitable for long flights due to the high quality of the wind.

Other regions

Places such as Erzincan, Alanya, Milas-Ören and Kaş are also very valuable regions that give the right to paragliding sport.

T Icari flights reveal a large number of flights in places where tourists are abundant. It is also very visible in the media. We usually write our articles for the first time and for those who will do the tandem.

Types of Activities

Valuable activities are waiting for you! Paragliding, Rafting, Scuba Diving, Sky Dive coming soon!


All Day

Paragliding and Scuba Diving

2 Action in 1 day!

All or Half Day

Scuba Diving Fethiye

There is no gravity here!

3 hours

Rafting Fethiye Dalaman

This adventure is spectacular!

30 Minutes Flight

Fethiye Paragliding

You will not be the same person when the flight is over!

Combat Jet Latvia

Combat Jet Flights

You won't be the same person after the flight is over!

1 week

Montenegro Extreme Package Tour

Everyday Action!

Are you ready? Book a spot for adventure!

Extreme Tours

Come join the breathtaking extreme activities. Anyone who does not have a major health problem can accompany these amazing adventures.

"I was incredibly afraid at first, but thanks to the patient speeches of Alpaslan and Yüksel, I flew for the first time and it was an incredibly enjoyable flight in the air with the help of Yüksel Hoca. If I flew 100 times I would fly with you again, I cannot thank you enough!"
Neşe A.
“Pre-flight planning, our transfer from Fethiye center to the hotel were all smooth. The flight crew is very entertaining and it is obvious that they are all experienced and fondly doing this job. You can have this unique experience with this team, without any problems, in a fun way. "
Athlon S.
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